Saturday, November 6, 2010

Handmade Christmas Cards!

**DISCLAIMER: If you are a member of and are participating in the swap, be prepared to have the surprise spoiled if you continue reading. Please, only positive comments on my cards, as well.**

This year, I am participating in the Christmas Card Swap. The premise is you make cards for everyone who signed up and send them to the Hostess. Then she distributes each of the cards to the other participants, then you end up with a different card. This year, it should be 22. :)

So I ran to Michael's and could NOT find what I was looking for. Of course, I have to have them mailed out this week, so I am kind of pressed for time. I bought some pre-folded cards in a "Winter" color scheme (blues and silver) and blue and white stamp ink pads. I also bought a snowflake stamp and a "Season's Greetings" stamp. Also purchased was some jeweled snowflake stickers and some jeweled Mickey silhouette stickers. I also bought some Christmas Quotes Vellum, but ended up deciding not to use it.

Here are the pictures of my generic-looking but cute hand-made cards:

Dark blue paper with white ink.

This was the reject. Not enough "snow" themed quotes. Had I not made this, I could have returned the vellum and the sticky dots.

Grey/Silver paper and blue ink. Each card had a Mickey on it, because is a Disney Fan Site. The BEST one, in my opinion! :)

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