Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, this morning, I was watching an old episode of "Beverly Hills 90210." It's the one where Steve's mom is trying to get Steve's childhood rival and her TV son to do a reunion show. Steve and Chuck get into a fight, and Chuck then makes a big deal about Steve being adopted. So, Steve decides to go find his birth mom in New Mexico. During the show, Steve's mom tells him he was "chosen."

Big Sis then asked me if she was chosen. What do you say to a 6 year old who asks that?

My answer? "No, baby. You chose me with help from God." She asked me how that was possible.

I told her that when a woman has a baby, the baby chooses the parents in heaven before he or she is born.

That was probably one of my better "Mommy Answers."

Now, don't ask me what I'll say when she's older and asks the real "where do babies come from" question.



  1. i would say that you gave the perfect answer! and i will bet that buys you a few more years before you get the "real" question. nicely done!

  2. That's a good answer!

    And...I love that you are raising her RIGHT with the 90210 reruns!

  3. Oh I am dreading the day I get asked that! My hubby and I agreed that if we had boys he would give them the sex talk, if we had girls I would give the sex talk. Well looks like I win that one, because I not only get to tell it once but twice!

  4. I think you gave her a wonderful answer. My 4 year old asked me the "real" question already. Being completely off-guard, I had to use the "I'll tell you when you're older." I thought I had a few more years before I heard that!

  5. I think your answer would have been what I would have said as well. I am a stronger believer to answer questions as simple as possible, if the kids what more details they will ask, and rarely do they ask at this age.


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