Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Sis

Today, I had to stay home for an extra hour because my babysitter quit on me. So, I have no one to take care of Little Sis from 7:30 til 9:00, until she has to be at Pre-school. Today, I'm going to take her a little early, then jet on over to work.

As we're sitting here watching old re-runs of Beverly Hills, 90210, Little Sis is writing at Big Sis' desk. She brings me her paper, and she had written her NAME!!!

She's been working on it lately. She had the first letter down in capital, but was slowly getting the other letters, out of order.

This morning, she managed to put them all in order, AND tell me the letters!!!

This is a proud mommy moment!!! I just wish I could scan it to show you all!


  1. How cool!! Take a picture of it and mail it to you, then post it. Tell her I am proud of her. Also, I will be sending Big Sis and Lil Sis their birthday cards tomorrow, so they should get them this weekend. Tell them that I am sorry no money or gift is with it, but I hope they like the music cards. Also, I miss all three of you!

  2. YAY!!! That is a great mommy moment! It is moments like these that make it all worth it!!

  3. That is great!! Every little step they take is a giant leap in your heart.

  4. boo on the baby sitter but yeah for that priceless mommy moment!


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