Friday, October 31, 2008

Eclipse -- Twilight Book 3

Wow. Just wow. This series has me in more of a tizzy than Harry Potter did. And the best thing? All the books are out, so I can read them without delay!

I knew 2 days ago I would finish Eclipse yesterday (which I did) so I bought Breaking Dawn from Amazon.

By the way, with Christmas right around the corner, you can get a MONTH free of Amazon Prime, which will give you FREE 2-day shipping, or you can upgrade to overnight shipping for $3.99 per item.

Which is what I did. So I received Breaking Dawn yesterday from Mr. UPS Man. I started reading it this morning (I had obligations last night), and not even one chapter in, I'm hooked.

But since this post is about Eclipse, maybe I should be talking about that?

*****SPOILER ALERT*******

I love the connection between Bella and Jacob. While I think that Edward is the better choice for her, what girl wouldn't want a guy to pine after her? I also enjoyed the battle at the end, and the team work of both the vampires and the werewolves. Like Bella, I just wish they could all get along! Reading into Breaking Dawn, I see that Seth and Edward are friends, but I know nothing more than that (please, no spoilers in the comments for Breaking Dawn, only talk about the first three books).

If you have something more to say about any of the first three Twilight books, let me know, and you can be a guest blogger!!!


  1. Loved the first 3 to death...twilight is now on par with my pirates obsession.

    I struggled through breaking dawn, it had a few high points for me but far more low points than anything. Needless to say I HATED breaking dawn. It could have been much better and was such a disappointment for me. I'm anxious to see what you have to say about it though, because it had gotten VERY mixed reviews!

  2. They are all wonderful books! Can't wait to see the movie!!


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