Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Committments

So today marked the very last day of the 2011 Girl Scout Cookie Site/Booth Sales for our Girl Scout troop. YAY! I still have about 8 boxes left to sell, but I'm hoping to get rid of those tomorrow while we are out and about.

Today was also the Borrego Springs Health Fair. Big Sis dances with her Hip Hop/Jazz dance class first thing in the morning. Little Sis ended up dancing with the Mexican Dance class. She has not been going to class, but knew the dances the kids were performing. So she was dancing out in he crowd. Her teacher saw her and told her to get up there and join them. It was so cute, I was laughing so hard.

Big Sis also had her Elementary Ban debut. She plays the flute, and is the only flute in the elementary school. A couple of middle schoolers joined them, so she had another flute playing with her. They played 5 songs: Frere Jacques, BINGO, the Mexican Hat Dance, Minute Man March, and Climbing Stairs. (I think I remember playing the Minute Man March at one point in my musical career.)

While we were at the Fair, I also signed the girls up for Softball and T-Ball. I wasn't going to, but they really wanted to play, and since about half of the kids at the school are playing, I figured we may as well join in on the fun! I am hoping the weather doesn't get too hot, though. Looks like my Saturdays are packed until June!!

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