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I'm a single mom with two girls. I work as a Special Education Instructional Aide at a Middle School. I am also attending community college to transfer to a CSU to become a history teacher, and have worked as a Preschool Instructional Aide. I live in Southern California, where I despise the heat during the summer and love the cold, although short, winters.

 Big Sis is 14 and in 10th grade. She enjoys reading and is currently reading the Harry Potter Series. 

She has joined the photography club at school and just did a major makeover change by cutting off over 12 inches of her hair and getting her nose pierced. 

 Little Sis is 11 and in 7th grade. She is a Netflix junkie and enjoys watching the 90s television shows I watched when I was her age.
Tanner is our newest family member. He is a "Chihuahua Mix" and is 4 years old. We adopted him in October 2015 and he is the best dog in the world. 

All in all, we take it one day at a time and try and go with the flow. However, my description says "a glimpse into the HECTIC life of a single mom..." and that is more of an accurate description, no matter how much I'd like for our days to be mellow.

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