Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Finished: The Other Boleyn Girl

WHOO!!! I'm FINALLY finished with this book!

And WOW, was it good! Very good! I knew how Anne's fate ended...we all know if you paid attention in history class. But the rest of the ending was bittersweet.

And every part of me was excited reading this book: the history lover, the girl who used to live in England, and the woman who loves a good sappy love story.

If you haven't read this, I highly suggest it. I'm waiting now to see the movie. There's no movie rental place here, and we're saving right now, so no Netflix. I have a friend visiting this weekend from Arizona, so I'm going to see if she can stop and rent it for me.

I'm not sure what I'll be reading next. Any suggestions from my "to be read" list on my side bar? I'm thinking something light, probably "The Undomestic Goddess."


  1. I read the undomestic goddess and it was very good!

  2. Undomestic Goddess was a good book, fast read!!! So glad you enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl!

  3. ok.. I will say first welcome to OSB.. and 2nd, I was soo bored with undomestic goddess... sorry.. I love ALL of Kinsella's other books though.
    Just read Jane Green "to have and to hold" and loved it!
    Very cute blog!

  4. If you like "Undomesticated Goddess," I recommend "Can you keep a secret?" also by Kinsella.

  5. I can't wait to read this book, it looks to be a really good read.


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