Monday, August 4, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing...

Our printers are still out of ink in the house, so I had to run to the coffee shop to print out my resume, job history, and transcripts that I'm turining in today at the School District with the application I picked up on Friday.

While there, I ordered a mini pizza for the girls and me to share and a couple of drinks. Before we got it delivered to our table, Corie, a lady who was in there with me on Friday, who also needed the computer, showed up. My girls enjoy talking with her, and Little Sis was just a little chatterbox today.

I wish I had written down some of the things she had said.

Corie came in wearing 2 pink tank tops, and Little Sis asked her why she was wearing 2 shirts. Previously, she had said that she had to "wear shorts under her dress so my chonies don't show." So Corie said that she was wearing 2 shirts so her bra wouldn't show.

Both girls were asking many questions. What was Corie's son's name? What was her husband's name? What were her brother's and sister's name? On and on. I'm glad Cories was cool with it. I'd hate to make a bad impression on a local in this little town! Corie has a little boy, who's 1.5 years old. She's invited me to her playgroups on weekends. I forgot to give her a call last weekend, but I think I'll call her for this weekend, especially since E won't be here to keep the girls occupied.

And I'm going to start carrying a small notebook around to write down the things that Little Sis says. Because sometimes, it's hilarious!!


  1. I swear I need to do the same! Angela is at the age where she will try and use big words... sometimes she amazes me and uses them right and other times she doesn't and it is just too cute!


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