Monday, September 8, 2008

100th POST...and the CONTEST!

After my mini-blog-a-thon on Friday and Saturday, I've finally reached my *~*~*~100th post*~*~*~!!!

So, to honor the momentous occasion, I am going to use this post to start my FIRST EVER CONTEST!!!!

Now, this is not sponsored. I found this really cute and adorable Christmas Planner while I was unpacking (yes, I'm still unpacking).

Here's a little bit about the prize:

It's a small, 6-ring binder with dividers to keep all your Holiday Planning organized!

Dividers include:

  • Holiday Calendar -- "My calendar of special holiday events. Pencil in parties, plays, and special shopping days." 10 blank months for you to plan. You can use it for 5 years filling in only November and December!
  • Holiday Notes -- "A place for 'notes to self.' Jot down a note or two, write out a guest list, or plan a party." 10 double-sided pages!
  • Holiday Card List -- "My list of family, friends, and special acquaintances. A card list for year-to-year card sending." The pages have a space for names and addresses, as well as a place to mark whether you've sent and/or received a card! The only drawback: These are dated from 2005-2009, but a little self-editing should take care of that!
  • Shopping List -- "My plan for a great season of shopping. Remember family members, special friends, and gifts of appreciation." 25 double-sided pages to keep track of all the important people in your life!
  • Gifts Received -- "My reminder of special gifts received...and appreciation." 3 double-sided pages to keep track of the gifts you've received and thank you notes sent!

This binder is cute inside and out! It's very appropriate for the holidays!!

So now, I bet you're wondering how you enter, right?

Well, here are the rules:

  • First, leave a comment about why you NEED this, and tell me your favorite holiday memory.
  • Second, blog about this contest, then come back and leave me a second comment.
  • After you've blogged about it, you may come back and leave a comment on this post ONCE per DAY! That's a LOT of chances to win! (So, 2 entries the first day, then one per day until the 25th!)
This contest will end on Thursday, September 25 (3 months until Christmas!!!) at 8:00am. A winner will be pulled sometime Thursday afternoon. I will use Random.Org to pull the winner. Make sure that there is a way to contact you on your profile or blog, otherwise, I won't be able to contact you!!! You'll have until September 30 to get me your information, and it will be shipped out as soon as I get your information!!!

Happy (Early) Christmas!!!



  1. Why do I need this? I like an organized life and my holidays could use better organization.

  2. i just wanted to say congrats on your 100th post and i gave you an award. come see!

  3. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post!

  4. wit woo....100th post! Congratulations

    Blogged about it here, sorry was a day after original post but Mondday is Boy Scout day. Hope you will still count it.

  6. day three and the 100th post shall soon be a thing of the past, I just hit my 500th.

  7. I need this cuz I'm totally unorganized, especially around the holidays. i need help. Really.. Desperately. And I LOVE Christmas. And I always say I'm gonna start my shopping in June only to be staring at the calendar realizing Christmas is a week away and I've bought NOTHING! HELP ME! :D

  8. Good morning, checking in making sure your laughing today. I'm not so much, so hoping the Thursday Thirteen crew gives me some laughs.

  9. Congrats on your 100th post - that's a fabulous milestone.

    I *need* this organizer because I'm a fanatic on organization. For instance - I schedule my Thanksgiving cooking in 15 minute increments, starting 2 days prior. I'm not kidding! But I've never failed to get the turkey on the table at exactly the promised time...whether it's a year I'm cooking for 4 or 20.

    Anyhow, congrats again! :-)

  10. tiffany just thinks she needs this, i need it more, see she is super organized in comparison to me, she has.....well I won't air her precious secrets here 'cause I love her too much. Just got to tease her.

  11. I am breaking the rules right now.

    I don't need this, I want it.

    My favorite holiday memory is when my sister was going to take a sneak peak at the nativity scene and fell down the steps and lost a tooth. How do you hide that little fact from your parents? You don't!

    I have your contest posted at CCC and it will run all weekend. After that I can move it to the side bar.

    Best wishes for one hundred more!

    P.S. Your writing style doesn't look a day over seventy-five posts.

  12. Okay curiousity leads me to ask if our comments each day need to be on this post??????
    Hope you are having a good day and I will be back later to vote.

  13. I really need this more than anyone else you know....of course, I just ordered a card catalog from my fav card company Leanin' Tree.
    Voted for you and the gals yesterday, hope you win, have a nice Sunday, we will be watching the football game.

  14. 10 more days of me pestering you, can you deal with that?

  15. Yep still need this, the cold weather reminds me so much how close the holidays really are.
    It is cold here in WI this AM, me needs some hot chocolate too.

  16. You sent your heat here last night, it warmed back up.
    I still need this organizer :)

  17. I definitely need help being organized this holiday season as it will be my first year as Mom of two and married! I'm trying to organize and plan present purchases already and this would make it soo much easier.

    Last year was my favorite holiday memory as it was Kelsie's first but this year will be awesome as it is Kelsie and Aubrey's Christmas together.
    jenbrat05 at yahoo dot com

  18. Hello with 4 kids (5 with my DH) and a huge extended family of course I need this! It is so hard to stay organized especially during the holidays...Please oh please pick me!

  19. Can we vote more than once for you or not? If so I'll vote again.

  20. Have I told you lately how beautiful you are? Yes, I will suck up to win ;)

  21. I haven't figured out how to suck up to, any tips???
    How is Brownie Leader training going? I was/am a fully trained to Cadette GS leader though not using it, I defected and am A BSUSA leader now. There are no active Cadette troops in town for Micheyla.

  22. I am so unorganized I lost my notebook for my novel writing project this week, I just plain need HELP!

  23. One more day of me stalking your post here....then I will just stalk the whole blog and nothing but the whole blog, can i say I am desperate for organization????


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