Monday, September 22, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

is my two front teeth!!

Big Sis pulled out the other top tooth yesterday!! She was eating popcorn, and it aggravated it, so she just pulled it out. It was already hanging by a thread...

When I see her wiggling her teeth and playing with them, it totally grosses me out. I thought I had girls!
Here are my two girly girls this morning! It's not even 70° outside -- HEAVEN! -- but Big Sis managed to spill milk on her jacket. I wasn't going to pull another out of the bottom bin in my closet, so she's going to have to suffer. Well, not really. It's still supposed to be 90°+ today.



  1. Wiggly teeth freak me out too! Can't stand it when my students come up and show me their teeth hanging by a thread!

  2. Too cute, oh I tagged you at the Cafe.

  3. I love toothless smiles! Angela will wiggle hers, but freaks out when it falls out. She does not like blood!

  4. Pretty girls!!! I am with you on the whole teeth thing, creeps me out!!!

  5. Another step closer to being a big girl. My oldest just had her first kiss.


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