Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 9-19-08

Well, this week, you are in for a TREAT! You get TWO pics!

Today happens to be my baby sister's 23rd birthday! So, my pics for today are to celebrate this wonderful day!

Here's my baby sister, Kimberly, as, well, a baby! Wasn't she ADORABLE?????? Well, now, even as a beautiful young woman, on the verge of marriage, she is still adorable! I love how she interacts with my girls, and she and I can bust a gut when we feel the urge. Sadly, she's moved to Colorado to be with her fiance, so my girls and I miss her terribly! I just wish she'd CALL ME more (*hint hint*)

Here is Kimberly and me last year at Disneyland in October. We were celebrating MANY birthdays that day at the Happiest Birthdays on Earth at the Plaza Inn! While her birthday was almost a month before, the girls, my friends, and I had a great time including her in the festivities!




  1. What a cute couple of sisters!! I know she will have a good birthday since she has such a sweet sister like you:-)

  2. Happy bday to your sis! She sure was a cute baby!

  3. you and your sister share a lot of the same features!!!
    I love seeing all of your pictures!

  4. Thanks for playing and for being patient, I just added you to the list.

  5. THANK YOU my beautiful sister...I love the blog! That was a great gift to give me...I MISS YOU AND THE GIRLS. Hope to see you soon!


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