Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordfilled Wednesday!

So, last Thursday was one to remember. Both for the events that happened 7 years ago, but because it was a very exciting day here!

Big Sis came home with her hand over her mouth. She FINALLY lost the top tooth! She was super excited, so I had to put in a call to the Tooth Fairy!

And since I was taking pics of Big Sis, Little Sis and "Big Fat Baby" had to get in the pic, too! That baby doll wears 6-9 month clothes! In this pic, its wearing a bathing suit I found at the 99-cents Only Store.

One of Little Sis and "Big Fat Baby."

So, we were all sitting in the living room, and I was helping Big Sis with her homework. All of a sudden, at exactly 4:00pm, the power went out. No biggie-- in this small town, it happens all the time. It came back on about 30 seconds later, and then went back out again. This time, it stayed off. We looked outside, and it was WINDY! I mean, I was thinking tornadoes (product of the mid-west). So windy, that the field in front of the house was a blur of wind and dust. I went outside and took a video, but I'm having problems uploading it to Blogger. I'll work on that later.
After the dust died down, we opened all the windows and the front door, because it was so nice outside! We didn't even need the a/c (good thing, because it wasn't going to run without power anyway). Since we live on a corner, all the kids started walking by. I had the playroom open and the girls were out with their jump ropes and hula hoops.

After all the threatening weather -- wind, thunder, and lightning -- it only drizzled for about TWO MINUTES! I felt so cheated! But, again, the weather was so nice and cool. We BBQ'd for dinner, and while we could have ate outside, we chose not to. The power finally came back on at 7:15, right as it started getting pitch black inside the house.

Overall, it was a pretty exciting evening!


  1. Congrats to Big Sis - the tooth fairy e-mails our girls.....

  2. That is pretty exciting:-) And, it seems like alls well that ends well:-)


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