Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Sis' First Day of School

Yesterday was Big Sis' first day of school. She woke up excited, because I was quoting Nemo: "First day of school! First day of school!"

They were up before 6, and because I had hung up all their clothes in sets on Sunday, they were able to get dressed on their own (they've actually been doing that since Monday, when Little Sis started school). I love being organized!

My girls! So sweet!

My big 2nd grader!

So cute!

And of course, not to be forgotten, Little Sis, on her 4th day of school! I love this pic of her!

This morning, Big Sis fell after getting off the bus, and she has a very large owie just under her knee. When she got home, she was hot and red, so I had her get in the shower to cool off (it was 104° here today). She got out, got dressed, and then I re-dressed her wound. It was nasty looking. Lots of Neosporin will be needed. I also had to take some debris out of her hand. After a large glass of ice water and her Push-Up, she feels better. Honey adjusted their bikes today and filled up the tires, so we'll probably take the kids out for a ride after dinner.

We're having tacos for dinner. I boil chicken (tonight, it's thighs), and then shred it. I put it in a skillet with El Pato hot tomato sauce until heated through. I also have refried beans and shredded cheese for some variety. For the girls, I just add some pepper and some other seasonings, since the El Pato is very hot. Mmmm...then I have a Toll House ice cream sandwich in the freezer.



  1. {{{ BIG SIS }}}}}
    Hope it heals fast! Dinner sounds super yummy!!

  2. Hugs to Big Sis! I hope her owie is already feeling better!

    104! YIKES That's some hot weather! We lucked out and I think we only had 1 or 2 90 degree days here in West Michigan this year!! (knock on wood.. we usually get a hot spell once the kids go back to school)

    Can I just say your girls take awesome picture! They are both beautiful!

    Jen ~ Mom of 2


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