Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Sis' First Day of Preschool!

Today was Little Sis' first day of Preschool at her new school. She was very nervous. She woke up excited, ate Cheerios for breakfast and watched Wonderpets and The Backyardigans. She got herself dressed, and I brushed her hair. She was rushing me at 8:30, so I didn't grab my camera (bad mommy should have been prepared with it already in my purse).

Anyway, we got to the school very quickly, since it's only a couple miles from home. When we got there, there was one other little girl with her whole family, but many other children arrived soon after that. I had gotten a call from the teacher on Friday, saying it was OK for us to get there early. I was hoping to take Little Sis in the classroom to get her used to everything. But they had us all wait outside. And it was already 90° outside!
We waited for a while, and she got more nervous. I kept reassuring her that everything would be fine, and she would have fun. She helped me make her lunch of a cheese sandwich, Cheese-Itz, and applesauce.
I did get her to smile to take a pic of me, though! This turned out better than I thought, since it was very dark on my screen.
She loves her new backpack! My grandma had actually bought this for Big Sis a couple years ago, but she didn't need it, and then wanted a different one. All that's in it is her clothes, her lunch, and a folder.
Here's Little Sis and Big Sis. Big Sis is getting excited for her first day, too!
While we were waiting, both girls decided to play with the hula hoop that was on the playground. These pics are decieving, though. She couldn't get it to stay up for more than 2 turns!
Look at her go!!
Here we are in line to go into the classroom. We were towards the end of the line, and they weren't letting parents in the classroom with the kids! Freak out time -- for kids and for this mommy! Little Sis started tearing up a bit, too. While we had been waiting, an adorable little girl, smaller than E, but who's 3, was very friendly, and went into the classroom without hesitation. So, I told Little Sis to go in and play with her. She would go in, play, listen to the teachers, have lunch, and then she'd get to ride the bus home!
So she went in all by herself! She hung up her backpack and walked in without turning back. As Big Sis and I walked away, I had to control myself because I was ready to cry! I can't wait until she gets home so I can find out all about her day!


  1. I can't wait to hear how it went!!!

  2. Aww I hope she had a great day!!

  3. Oh... This post is really making me nervous for Micayla to start Kindergarten next week!!!

    I love the new header!!!

  4. A couple of things!

    1. I love your new layout!
    2. Big Sis's haircut is adorable!
    3. I hope her first day was terrific!

  5. I remember this with my two older kids. I cried both times, and neither of them even shed a tear. That's a good thing (even though there's always a little part that wants them to miss you.)

    I hope it went well!!


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