Saturday, August 9, 2008

Locks of Love!

Big Sis got her hair cut today! It hadn't been cut since sometime in '05, if I recall correctly. It was VERY long and down to her tooshy. She and I had been talking of cutting it and donating it to Locks of Love for a while now, and today, we finally did it!

Here she is getting her hair braided by the lady. We were actually at a "barber" shop, but she said she's done women's hair before, she just switched to men's because it's less drama.

A little apprehensive perhaps?

The braid. And don't ask me why the date says that.

Getting ready to cut!!!
All finished!!
Posing for her "donor" pic I'll be sending to LOL.

I'm so proud of her! She was a little sad after the initial cut, but once I talked up how easy her short 'do will be with school starting, she started to enjoy it! She was even rewarded with new barretts of her choosing when we went to Walmart today. I was reading some of the information to her from the LOL website, and when I read that approximately 80% of the donations are from children who want to help other children, I started crying.

The only drawback: She looks SO MUCH OLDER than 6-going-on-7!!

Little Sis and I got our hair cut, too, but nothing as dramatic or selfless as what Big Sis did. I'll post pics of us later!


  1. Bless her sweet heart! She is a good kid Jaime!!!

  2. What a sweetie, you can tell her trepidation in that 5th pic, but what a wonderful thing she's done!

  3. Congrats to big sis! What a brave soul. I remember having to cut my looooooong hair off in 4th grade because of a lice infestation, so I completely understand how she felt right afterwards. Poor thing. Cutting that much hair is a very traumatizing experience. Good thing it grows back fairly quickly ;)

    Her new hair cut is adorable and that is awesome that he's donating to LOL! Way to Go Alex!

  4. Awww, she looks beautiful! What a great kid you have! :)


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