Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta -- Borrego Days 2008

Last weekend, we had our big To-Do here in town. They call it Borrego Days. Starting on Thursday, the 23rd, we had something to do every night! Thursday's event was the Huell Howser meet and greet at the Performing Arts Center. Big Sis and I went because my grandma is a HUGE fan of Huell Howser and California's Gold. They also did an awards ceremony for one of the local park rangers. (Did you know I live in the heart of the Anza-Borrego State Park?) So, we sat through the whole thing, and after, Huell came up to Big Sis and asked if she was a fan of California's Gold. She said no! I then remembered that it's usually on in the evenings, when she's already in bed. Anyway, here's a pic of Big Sis and Huell Howser. I do believe this is her first celebrity meeting!

Saturday was the parade. The elementary school entered a float, and the principal asked students to dress up as what they wanted to be in the future. Big Sis came to me and asked me to get her a doctor costume. Well, that was last year's costume. So I told her, wear your Cinderella costume, and tell your principal you're going to work at Disneyland while you go to college. It seemed to make her happy. Little Sis was a "Pirate Princess" and is wearing her sister's pirate Mickey ears. The float won FIRST PLACE!!
So we walked in the parade. As we entered the main drag in town, I took this pic of the parade route. I would say it was probably a mile. Both girls (and all the kids) did great. No one fell or got tired, and best of all, no one stepped in horse poop!!! If you look closely, you can see Big Sis in her Cinderella costume.
After the parade, we went to the Kids Zone at the fair. It was made of up 5 bounce houses, and for $5 each, the kids could play all day. We stayed for about an hour and a half, then went home for lunch and potty breaks (I wasn't using the porta-potties!). The girls had a BLAST. Sunday was the same, but since we knew one of the ladies who was selling the bracelets, we got a 2-for-1, since we got there with only 2 hours left on Sunday. It's nice to know people, especially in this small town!

So there you have it. The recap of last weekend, and a sneak peek at the girls' costumes. I bet you're wondering where the pic of me is, right? Well, thanks to the handy-dandy web cam on the laptop, I was able to get one of me. It's not the full effect, though. But you can see the main parts: my ears and my lanyard. I've had a great morning already, since I've seen the only male teacher here at the middle school (there's only 4 teachers), and he's decked out as a woman! Make-up, nail polish, the works! Hilarious!!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! Don't forget about the candy recall!


  1. Those are great Halloween pictures:-)

  2. this looks like a darn fun day!


  3. Great pictures...looks like loads of fun! Great pix of you in your Ears!


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