Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 10/3/08

These pics are from our Disneyland trip last October for the girls' birthdays. We were sitting just to the right of the Castle as you walk towards Fantasyland. If you see in Big Sis' hand, she has a "dinglehopper." We were sitting with a good friend, Marty, who is friends with many of the Cast Members in the parade. This is why the Fairy Godmother stopped to give the girls hugs! When Ariel passed us on her float, Big Sis waved her "dinglehopper" at her, and Ariel was THRILLED!

Also, notice Big Sis' hair? We had gone to Libby Lu the day before and she got her "rock star" makeover. We managed to keep her hair like that for 3 days, until she went back to school. This was a great trip, and I'm bummed we aren't going this year. We're counting down until December, though!


  1. Love those Disney pictures:-)

  2. There's almost nothing better than kids at Disney pics... it really is magical.

  3. Ahhh the fairy god mother I still love her - Cinderella is my FAVORITE disney classic!!

  4. That was a fun trip! You can even see me in one of the pictures...

  5. How lucky to have the characters pay your girls special attention. They must've been thrilled.


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