Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Little Girl

Well, I was going to post pics of my younger daughter, who is turning 4 today.

Due to circumstances at home, I've been unable to get to use the scanner. I promise I'll post them as soon as I can.

Until then, let's get to the real reason I'm posting.

On October 8, 2004 at 9:59pm, Little Sis was born. I had been in labor all day, but didn't know it until 2pm, and didn't feel it until almost 5pm. I had no epidural, and she came out screaming, with a full head of hair like her sister, weighing in at 9 pounds, 5 ounces.

Today, she's the sweetest thing. She has her moments, but she loves to cuddle with me, especially in the morning before we're both fully awake. She's just NOW staying asleep through the night on a regular basis, but I chalk that up to constant drama we're dealing with. Plus, Big Sis sacrificed the top bunk for her little sister.

We'll be going to Downtown Disney this weekend to celebrate. I'm excited and can't wait! I've got a few surprised in store for them. I'll be sure to post pics then, too.

Happy Birthday, Little Sis. I love you, Mama's Girl!


  1. WOW!! Their birthdays are only 2 days apart?? That's wild!!!

    Happy Birthday Cutie!!!

  2. awww!!! Happy Birthday Lil Sis, I remember you finding out you were pregnant with her Jaime, time sure does fly!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Little Sis!! Over 9lbs?? Kudos to you!

  4. aww, happy birthday!!!
    and happy WW!!!

  5. Happy birthday!! I miss you so much!!

  6. I hope your little girl had a great birthday:-)


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