Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ways to Know You're Obsessed with Disney

1. You say things like "Oh bother" (Winnie the Pooh), "Oh pickles" (Twinkle from Higgley Town Heroes), "Oh snap" (Raven from That's So Raven), and other choice catch phrases coined by Disney characters. (leave a comment and add your own!)

2. You have the song "Best of Both Worlds" stuck in your head, and you wonder what it would be like to be a secret rock star.

3. You can talk to your 7-year-old about the characters from her favorite Disney Channel TV shows/movies like they're her best friends.

4. You dream that the song from Enchanted actually won the Oscar for Best Song in a Movie.

5. Even though you have a 5 day trip planned in 9 weeks, you are jealous whenever you hear that someone else has gone to Disneyland.

6. You get annoyed when the Disneyland commercials show Cinderella's Castle from Walt Disney World.

7. You throw your kids' birthday party at Downtown Disney because you can't wait 9 weeks for your Disney fix, but don't want to spend the money on the tickets just yet.

8. You have more friends from your online Disney message board that you know in person than you actually met in person.

9. You create a blog specifically for planning information pertaining to your Disneyland vacation, hoping that others will benefit from your knowledge. (be patient..blogger thought it was a spam blog. I'm working on getting it restored)

10. Your iPod is set to wake you up with your Disney songs playlist.

11. Even though you're not going into the park, you camp out on top of the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure with your iPod and portable speakers so you can still enjoy the Remember...Dreams Come True fireworks...with music!

Feel free to add a comment with your own Disney Obsession...or your "friend's" Disney Obsession.


  1. ney obession is the Pom Splashes offered at the bar in the hotel!
    HA HA HA

  2. I can't say I share that particular obsession - I am a fan though....

  3. Oh yes and personally I think Wizards of Waverly Place doesn't get enough attention - I like that show!!

  4. I have the pumpkin Mickey head from Disneyland as my computer desktop at work and as my background on my cellphone.

    I listen to Disney music at work.

    I go on everyday to see what new stuff they have.

    If something at the store has a Disney character on it, I usually buy it.

  5. I miss Higgly Town Heroes! They got robbed of their good time slot!

    I wanted to tell you that I have been trying to approve your entrecard advert for DAYS, and every time I hit approve I get a "failed" message. Just so you know it's nothing personal; I think Entrecard just hates ME!

  6. I share your pain - of course I do - where the heck did we meet - a DISNEY BOARD!!


  7. P.S. Come and get your new fancy award!!

  8. Yep -- I think you might have a bit of an obsession.

    Your new layout is very fun!

  9. Or you use the phrase from Eeyore "It's not much of a tail but I'm sort of attached to it" to decribe your life. He is also on my car, have a stuffed animal in my bedroom. But I have over 150 different Eeyores packed til I can find them a permenant home. TTFN

  10. check momdot won a prize. You need to claim!


  11. You realize that the janitor's voice on Higglytown Heros is the same voice as Goofy...then go on to point out that his name is Bill Farmer and you've seen him speak at an LP event! :) You've been tagged, see my blog!

  12. what's not to love about disney??

    don't forget to check my blog out tomorrow for something really fun!


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