Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!!!

So, I received my mail-in ballot like WEEKS ago, but true to form, I procrastinated. I think I really just wanted to cute little sticker. So I took it into the local polling place.

I voted YES for every measure except one, and voted for Ralph Nadar for President (NO! Not really...I just don't want to say who I voted for HAHA).

I was watching the news last night, and saw that it is ILLEGAL to engage in electioneering within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place. Which means that even if you aren't actively engaged, if you're wearing a t-shirt with your OPINION on it, you will be asked to cover up. At the colleges in San Diego (SDSU and UCSD), they are providing smocks. WTF?????

If you refuse to cover up, you will be charged with a crime. Now, doesn't this fall under one of our bill of rights? Like freedom to assemble or something? It's not like people are duking it out over Obama and McCain.

It also includes stickers, buttons, and anything else with any name of a candidate.

If people are walking into the polling place, wouldn't it make sense that they've already made up their minds? And how gullible would they have to be if they saw my Nadar shirt and changed their vote from Obama?

Seriously, I have NO IDEA what this country's coming to when we have a DRESS CODE to vote!!

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