Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland Countdown: 4 Weeks!

4 Weeks!! OMG! Less than a MONTH!

This pic was taken in March of this year. This trip was exceptionally special. Friends from LaughingPlace were visiting from England. This was a big to-do! So many LPers turned out and we took over the place!

I love this pic of Little Sis I took while waiting for the Haunted Mansion. Doesn't she look Goofy? (Pun Intended)



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  1. She does look Goofy...but adorable!! Man, I want to go to Disneyland!!

    Nathan and I might go in April when I go to California for my friends wedding, but I have to see how much money the plane tickets, car rental, and so on are going to cost me before I can decide on that.

    I hope we can go because Nathan has never been there and I would love for us to get out and have some fun. I told him that it would be our Honeymoon vacation...just me and him...oh, and the entire Disney character clan!! :-) I think he would like the rides, shows, and especially Fantasmic and the fireworks (my two favorite things!)


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