Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Day! was one for the record books!

The girls and I woke up at about 8am. I fed the kids waffles, and folded some laundry I put on the line last night. At 8:30, it was already getting hot. Not warm...HOT. I did the breakfast dishes then started packing. I pulled some stuff from the laundry room, and then packed up the book case. Here's a packing hint: Do not put ALL the books from a book case into a standard storage bin. It's too heavy, especially when those books are text books!

Anyway, I finished that, then my honey called and said he was on his way. I finished getting the kids and myself dressed, and was brushing hair as he came to the door. Can you believe today was the first time he's ever stepped foot in my house?? Thanks to my brother, I wasn't embarrassed. :P

So we left. I checked the mail, and thankfully, my new debit card was in the mail. So we went to Walmart first, so honey could do his shopping and I could stop at the bank branch inside the store to activate my ATM card. We did some shopping, and I ended up spending $26 -- razors, toilet paper, trash bags, 3 bottles of water, a 12-pack of Coke Zero Vanilla, and more, but I can't think of it.

After Walmart, we went to Sizzler for lunch. What a great big lunch it was, too. I had a HUGE salad and some of the hot stuff from the salad bar (onion rings, corn poppers) and then some ice cream. Big sis even finished all her chicken strips and hers and my ice cream!

After Sizzler, we went to the mall. I had to exchange Big Sis' capris that the zipper broke. Unfortunately, I didn't have a receipt and they had already been washed a few times, but they exchanged them with no questions. I got one size bigger for Big Sis because they didn't have her size! 7 regular and 8 slim are the same in the waist, but longer in the legs. No problem, since they're capris, and she can roll them!

After the mall, we went to Home Depot so honey could get us a ceiling fan for our bedroom. Quick trip.

After Home Depot, I left to pick up my brother from Walmart (he took the bus in) and honey went to pick up the trailer from his friend's. We're borrowing it to make my move easier and quicker. By the time I got my brother and took him to his next stop, honey had already picked up the trailer and went to the mattress store to buy a bed frame for our new Cal King bed!

We then headed to the grocery store so honey could pick up his cold items, then headed back to my house. After we loaded up the stuff I packed up this morning, and we all cooled down a bit honey and I went to Circle K to get him a drink for the ride home and to fill up my 5-gallon water bottle for the cooler.

So, the reason why it was such a hectic was 107 degrees outside, and I can't run my a/c when it's hot! My alternator gets over heated when the a/c is on, and stops charging my battery, making me stall. Wonderful, right? Thankfully, the girls are going to grandma's tomorrow for a few weeks, so I can live with no a/c when I'm driving.

My orientations for my online classes are on Monday, and after that, I'm going to honey's house, and won't be back down unless we're packing and moving. So, my car will get a nice break. And my drive up on Monday will be at night, since my last orientation ends at 8pm.

So, that was my Friday. Busy, huh? It's now almost 10:30, and I'm wide awake and enjoying the quiet!! :)

Happy birthday to Tena's little 'J', who turned 3 today! :)

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  1. How sweet are you?!?!
    My little 'J' says thank you very much for the birthday wishes


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