Monday, June 30, 2008

To Be Read...

Yes, I know. I've posted, like, a million blogs today. What can I say? Honey's been sleeping for hours, I miss my girls, and I'm watching a movie. I'm bored.

So, here's my To Be Read list for the rest of the summer (ok, maybe that's being a bit ambitious...let's say before the end of the year).

In alphabetical order:

1. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown -- I've read The Da Vinci Code already. I've been told this one's pretty good, and that if I enjoyed TDVC, that I'd enjoy A&D.

2. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown -- yes, I know I just said I've read it. But I'd like to read it again, probably before I read Angels & Demons.

3. Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline -- Never heard of the book or the author. But while I was unpacking, I found it, in hard cover. I suppose I should read it before Swapping it, since I probably spent good money on it! Don't worry, you'll get a review once I'm finished.

4. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold -- I think I've read this one before. But again, I found the hard cover while unpacking, so I figure I should read it.

5. Lucky by Alice Sebold -- this is apparently a true story about Alice Sebold's attack while she was in college. I've not read this one, but it looks interesting!

6. Naked Prey by John Sandford -- Another hard cover book I found while unpacking. No idea what it's about, but I'll read it anyway!

7. The Regulators by Richard Bachman -- ok, this is Stephen King using a pseudonym. I know I've read it before, but that was back in high school. So, I'll read it again. This one will probably stay in my permanent collection.

8. Something Blue by Emily Giffin -- this is the one I'm reading right now. Well, will start reading as soon as I can get off of the computer long enough to actually read it!

Also, I would like to re-read the Harry Potter books, starting with Order of the Phoenix. "Half Blood Prince" is scheduled to come out in theaters November 21, 2008, so I want to re-read it before that! And when Deathly Hallows came out, I read through it so fast because I wanted to know what happened!

So, who wants to start taking bets that I won't finish them all before New Year's Eve?

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