Sunday, November 13, 2016

Buddy the Elf Planner Stickers

Hello there, readers! 

I have a confession. I'm a bit addicted to planners. I have mentioned this before. I have even done blog posts on creating my own planner.

Thankfully, I have discovered a couple of great planners that work for me. I use a
Passion Planner for school. I use a MAMBI Happy Planner for home and as a memory book. You can see how I use them on my Instagram page (along with cute pictures of my girls and my dog).

Earlier this year, I bought myself a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. My sole purpose of buying one was to create my own stickers for my planner. While I love the Etsy Shops I use for stickers, owned by ladies who have become real-life friends, I was spending way too much money on them! I am all for supporting small businesses, but I had a problem. 

So here is one of my sticker sets I've made. I've made a couple others with different themes, including Care Bears, but this one was a hit when I shared it with planner groups online.
Use the link at the bottom of the post to download!

I have created this as a free download. It is for personal use only. If you would like to share it with your friends, please send them to my blog so they can download it themselves. They are designed for The Happy Planner, so they are a little taller than Erin Condren boxes. One user trimmed the To-Do boxes and turned the extra piece into a flag. The possibilities are endless. 

If you use Instagram, please tag me in your picture! I would love to see how you have used it!

Here is how it looks in my planner. I goofed and forgot the headers above the full boxes. Thankfully, I had Christmas Washi to fix the mistake. I am off work the week of Christmas, anyway, so I don't foresee a large amount of things scheduled.

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