Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Duck Tape Book Cover!

So I have a great planner from Day-Timer. It's the "Family Plus" model, where it has columns for my activities as well as extra columns for my kids. I love it. It fits perfectly into my purse, but man, was it boring. It also didn't have a pocket or anyplace to put a pen (where it wouldn't fall out) and the stickers I use to color code activities.

So I went on a Google Search. I found a WikiHow on How to Make a Duct Tape Book Cover. I figured it wouldn't be too hard. I went with the option to use a paper bag first then to cover it with the Duck Tape (yes, I'm saying that right. I used the Duck Tape brand). I bought two sheets of the pink zebra print and a roll of the white zebra print (shown). I also used a Starbucks paper bag, since it was closer to the size of my planner, and it was already getting beat up from being used so much.

First, I opened up the bag and cut off the handles. I traced my planner onto the bag, adding about an eighth of an inch on top and bottom. Then I placed the pink zebra print sheets (these are awesome -- no more making duct tape "cloth" to start a project!) to cover what would be the front and back covers. Then I added the white zebra print around the edges. I pretty much followed the WikiHow, except I used a bigger piece to make the pocket flap (step 6). Make sure you do this, though, otherwise, when you close that flap, you'll have exposed tape against your book.

This was fun. I should have used more space, like a table, instead of a clipboard on my bed. I would like to have the girls make a couple of covers for their Bibles, although Big Sis' Bible has a magnetic closure, so we would have to figure out how to make that work (I already have an idea in my head and it includes my X-Acto knife).

Hmm...I wonder if the Duck Tape sheets would work in a Cricut? I could customize the front even more!

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