Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 1 & 2

I am usually really bad at doing this. I forget, or stay home all day and have nothing interesting to take a photo of.

I had a couple photo-a-day challenges, but my friend, Wendy, showed me this one from Fat Mum Slim:

Here are my contributions:

1. Happiness is....

Little Sis with our Children's Pastor. Little Sis made her public declaration of faith on Sunday, June 30 with a water baptism. 

2. Shoes...
These are my favorite shoes right now. Easy-on, comfy, and waterproof (I wore them out of the pool and they got soaked. No damage!) Can you believe they're CROCS? Yes, yes they are.

I'll (hopefully) remember to blog the rest of the month. I will be putting them up on my Instagram, though (JustAddLaughter - shocking, huh?)

If you're participating, use hashtag #FMSphotoaday on Instagram.


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