Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sneak Peek!

Here are a couple teaser pics for my upcoming post about my Thanksgiving meal. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take the in-progress pics of the bird, but my hands were covered with sage-thyme butter and raw bird juice. I will definitely give a review of the recipe and my modifications.  

I did get in-progress pics of the cranberry sauce, though. That looked and smelled so good as I was making it. Can't wait to try it!

The stuffing was a box mix, but I added a few things. I'll post those tips, as well (no pic as it's still in the oven).

Not bad for my first attempt at the bulk of the Thanksgiving feast. Big Sis and grandma took over the potatoes and I now have a store-bought pie and Kings Hawaiian rolls because my mom isn't feeling well and won't be joining us. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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