Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Forget - This weekend in Temecula, CA!

This Saturday is Royal Family Kids Inaugural Car and Motorcycle Show. We're also having a Chili Cook-off! If you're in Southern California and have the "BOMB" chili recipe, you are welcome to join in the fun! Whether it's a family recipe, something you found on Pinterest, vegetarian or meaty, spicy or mild, white or traditional, we want it!

Here's how it works:

You make a large amount of chili. I will personally make mine in a large crock pot. You'll only have to fill a small 2-ish ounce cup (think salsa from a take-out restaurant) about half way (we're only giving a taste), and we're making 150 ballots.

Our guests will buy a Judging bag (paper bag with a spoon, a ballot, and a pencil) for $3. This is one way we're raising money for our event. The judges will then check off the number of their favorite chili and turn it in so they can be counted. There will be an award, and you'll have full bragging rights. If any of my readers enter and win, you'll get a congratulatory post right here, too!!

We're also selling 50/50 tickets (we get 50% of the funds raised, and a winner will get 50%), as well as raffle tickets for goodies.

For kids, we'll be having a bounce house, too!

There will be food available to purchase, as well: donuts and coffee in the AM, hot dogs and burgers (with chips and a drink) in the PM. Also, Kona Ice will be there from 11am to 1pm with their shaved ice truck! We'll get part of their proceeds, too. And KSDW (88.9 in San Diego) morning show host, Jerry Langford will also be there to MC our event. He'll give away t-shirts to the first 20 people who visit his booth on Saturday morning!

This is a way for us to raise money towards our goal of $50,000 for this year. Royal Family Kids is a non-profit organization that give abused and neglected foster kids positive memories through summer camp. We're also launching our Mentor Program this year, as well. After camp is over, our volunteers will partner with a child and spend time with them throughout the year. Our heart's desire is to show these wonderful children that (1) adults can be trusted and (2) they are loved, no matter what.

Also, all around the country is a movie called "CAMP" playing in select theaters. If you happen to have it near you, I recommend seeing it, since ticket sales help fund a local camp. If you have a camp near you, and you have a heart for children, volunteering is something you can do, too. If you would like to make a contribution to our camp, you can click on the "DONATE" button on the sidebar. Just mention it's for Royal Family Kids and leave your address. You'll get a receipt for your donation at the end of the year from the organization.


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  1. To find out more about the film CAMP and how it can help Royal Family Kids Camps, go to http://www.thecampmovie.com and check out all the details there. The site has a couple of trailers from the film, a video about the true stories behind the making of the film, a link to the cities/states and theaters the film has played in, is currently playing in and will be opening in soon, as well as details on how you can bring the CAMP movie to your town!!!! Check it out now!!!
    My son, Matthew Jacob Wayne, plays 'Redford' in the film and my company, AA&M Promotions is involved in the promoting and PR work for the film, not because of Matthew's involvement so much, but because it is a GREAT film, with an even GREATER CAUSE AND PURPOSE!!! DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!! :)


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