Friday, April 12, 2013

Vegetarian Chili for the Chili Cook-off!

Well, the chili is in the crock pot for tomorrow's Royal Family Kids Temecula Car Show and Chili Cook Off! I bought the ingredients last week when Von's had a great deal on canned beans and tomatoes.

My recipe (which isn't really a recipe, but more of "hey, that sounds good in chili"):

1 can of Chili Beans
2 cans of Kidney Beans 
1 can of Black Beans (not shown because I threw the can away before I took pics. I really need to get back in the habit of picture taking for blogging purposes!)
2 cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes 
1 can of tomato sauce
4 jalapenos (I only put the seeds of one pepper, but if you like yours spicy, by all means, add more!)
4 sweet mini peppers (I had a mixed bag, so I put in two yellow and two red)
1 medium white onion
Sea Salt 
Chili Powder

I started by draining the beans. I wasn't sure how wet the tomatoes and sauce was going to make the chili. I like mine on the thicker side, so I just poured the liquid in a bowl (I ended up using it anyway). I added the beans, the tomatoes, and the tomato sauce in the crock pot. I then diced the onions and chopped the peppers. I added everything, and saw that it was going to be too thick, so I added the "bean juice." I have to be able to put out 150-200 samples from this batch. (I am tempted to throw in another couple cans of beans and tomatoes and in the morning, put some in a storage container so it's not so full upon transport. I will then add it back to the crock pot when I get to the show. I will have electricity to keep the chili hot.)

Since this is just a concoction I threw together, you are more than welcome to add or change things. I won't be able to taste it until tomorrow, and I'll add more seasoning if I think it needs it. it looks good, and the pop of color from the peppers is pretty.

I will let you all know tomorrow how the judging goes. It's a "People's Choice" judging, so if you're near Temecula, California, come on by. The show is from 9am-1pm and is at 26090 Ynez Road, Temecula, California, right off the 15 Freeway (so if you're in Vegas or San Diego, come on by!)

Edited to Add: I did add the extra cans of beans (chili and kidney). It filled up the crock pot, so I have a container ready for tomorrow morning to dish out some so it doesn't spill. I also have the iced tea brewing at double strength to get me through the day, too!!

I'm so excited!


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