Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break is Coming to a Close

All this week, the girls and I have been on Spring Break. It's been nice not having to go anywhere, be anywhere at a certain time, or drive around like a taxi driver wasting gas.

I had originally planned for us to go to the San Diego Zoo this week. But the thought of getting up early and driving two hours to deal with the crowd and heat made me want to curl up under my brand new, hot pink sheets and hide. The girls didn't seem to mind not going anywhere. I think they enjoyed sleeping in, as well.

The only thing we've done this week that was planned was the Lake Elsinore Storm Fan Fest. Baseball season is among us again! I participated in a scavenger hunt, the girls played in the free kids zone (usually $4 a child to jump in the bounce houses and play the games), and we met the players and got their autographs. I didn't win the scavenger hunt (which was done on Twitter), but because I participated  I got a voucher for two opening night tickets, which is next Thursday.

Even though the team is an affiliate of the San Diego Padres and I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, I really enjoy going to the Diamond and watching the games. It's a short 17 miles to the stadium and their promotions are pretty great (free hot dogs on Wednesdays, for instance).

Tomorrow's our last day of vacation (I'm not counting the weekend, since we have those off anyway). Not much planned, except laundry (have to take it somewhere, since someone vandalized our laundry room and broke one of the fire sprinklers) and Bible Study. We're reading "Sticky Faith" by Kara E. Powell and Chap Clark.


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