Saturday, January 22, 2011

Into the arms of Jesus...

The girls and I got some very sad news today. A friend, who we have known for 2 years, was involved in a car accident this morning and passed away. We are very saddened, and are praying for her family, including her husband, sons, and 4-year old grandson.

Bambi has always been a ray of sunshine. We met her through the Methodist Church in Borrego, where the girls and I have been going to OaSis on Wednesday nights. Bambi was the sweetest, and, last year, was the OaSis "Comforter." When children were not showing the love of Jesus, whether they were tired, cranky, or hungry, she would swoop in like the angel she was and cheer them up right away! This year, she started as the Coordinator and was also the Cook, but stepped down to "only" Cook just a few weeks ago. This last Wednesday, it was "Diversity Night" and we had a rainbow of colors for dinner: baked chicken, rainbow pasta, and broccoli. We also had rainbow Jell-O for dessert: red at the bottom, then orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. When asked how she made it, she said "Magic." I wish I'd taken a picture, but it was very yummy.

Bambi will be greatly missed by everyone in the community of Borrego Springs. I know the kids especially will feel the hole she leaves at OaSis. But we can all take comfort in knowing she's in the arms of Jesus right now. Please pray for her husband, Brian, and her sons and grandson, Devon. I know they are hurting right now. Big Sis and Little Sis are, as well... Big Sis has known since I've known and has been crying off and on all day (as have I). Little Sis just found out not more than an hour before this is being written, and I hear herself whispering to herself "She's in the arms of Jesus" as she's crying and walking through the house.

We love you Bambi... We'll see you in Heaven!


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