Monday, September 23, 2013

Crock Pot Roast Beef

This was the easiest thing I have ever made in the crock pot, and it cost me about $5.

I had some coupons for Von's (Safeway in Southern California) and one of them was a 5% off from the meat department. I found a Top Round Beef roast with a 50% off sticker. The day I bought it was the "sell by" date. I think it came out to about $4.50 for the 2+ lb roast. I took it home and froze it.

A couple days ago, I took it out of the freezer, expecting to make it for Shabbat dinner. However, Big Sis was sick, my friend had other plans, so it sat in the fridge.

I knew I had to make it today, or risk having to throw it out. I browsed Pinterest for "easy" crock pot roast, and found one that needed three seasoning packets. I don't buy those because of the excess of processed ingredients and MSG, but I did have some homemade Italian Dressing Mix.

So I put the roast in my big crock pot. I sprinkled the Italian Seasoning over it (probably 1.5 packets worth, since I didn't measure), and drizzled the last of the EVOO from my bottle over the top. I set it on low before I left the house, and when I came home 9.5 hours later, it was falling apart.

Both kids loved it, Big Sis asked for seconds, and I can't wait to take some to work with me tomorrow for lunch. I'll shred the leftovers for tacos, another easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy meal my kiddos love.

Here's a picture of my plate. (I use the plastic Disney ones when we don't have company.) I also realized when I got home I was out of rice and the girls don't like mashed potatoes (and I had forgotten to buy some yesterday to put in the crock pot with the roast). So I made the package of Birds Eye steamers of rigatoni and broccoli. 4 minutes to perfection.



  1. Replies
    1. Not Jewish. A friend has been attending a Messianic congregation locally, and I've been researching the difference between Messianic and "Christian." I lean more toward the Messianic beliefs.

      My intention is to attend Shabbat services more regularly once I get the new apartment settled and can find a suitable youth group for my daughter for Sundays.

  2. What beliefs do the Messianic people have that are different than Christianity?


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