Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December Trip Report -- in pictures

Instead of writing it all down, I'll just post some of the pics I took when the girls and I went on December 12.

The girls in front of the Christmas Tree at Downtown Disney.

Little Sis

What a drama queen!

Not as dramatic as her sister.

Our friend Gary and Little Sis. I have no idea why she's so sad.

Big Sis and one of the birds from Rainforest Cafe.

On the balcony of our hotel room at HoJo. We had a Park View room. Fireworks were pretty cool from that spot, except for the trees.

The water area at HoJo. Next time we go, we're bringing bathing suits!!

The view from our room.

On the tram, going to Disneyland!!!

Silly girl!!

Gary doesn't have any grandkids of his own, so he's "adopted" the girls!

Big Sis and Cruella. She had to promise not to hug her. LOL

Little Sis promised, too, but she's such a stinker!

Main Street at Christmas Time.

Isn't it beautiful?

On Tarzan's Treehouse.

Happy Un-birthday to Me! (Next day *was* my birthday)

Door STILL won't open.

Little Sis' first ride on Space Mountain. She did NOT like it.

Aboard the new Monorail.

Traditional pic in front of the "A" in California (both girls' names start with A). With the sun, though, the glare was so bad, I had to get creative. See my Little Drama Queen?

The Lagoon is empty because they're setting up the new "World of Color" show, similar to Fantasmic!

Jafar: "Genie, I wish for you to make me the Sultan!"
*chiming music*
Genie: "There. You're the Sultan. But if you're last name were Pepper Shaker, you'd be Sultan Pepper Shaker."
My favorite joke...and he didn't even finish it!!

This is my favorite show at DCA. I LOVE IT!

At this point, the girls and I headed over to a "Vacation Club" presentation. For 90 minutes of my time, they gave me $100 Disney Dollars. Score, right?

Pretty snowflakes.

Waiting to ride "Winnie the Pooh"

Pretending to be asleep. Little Sis couldn't control herself! Goofy.

Waiting for Fantasmic!

Pretty New Orleans Square skyline with the full moon.

Pretty fireworks.

Just don't eat the snow. LOL

Big Sis crying because Mommy was crying. This was the first time Little Sis had seen the Holiday fireworks and the snow.

Pretending to be scared by Haunted Mansion Holiday.

"Happy Holidays Everyone!"

Maybe she really is scared.

Really great shot of the grave yard. Love the High ISO/Low Light setting on my camera!

Disneyland Dream Suite entrance. I wonder what's going to become of it now that the "Year of a Million Dreams" is over.

Waiting to ride Pirates.

OOPS...the flash went off.

it's a small world Holiday, all lit up.

Pretty castle.

Big Sis and Goofy.

Main Street all lit up.

Big Sis pushing her sister back to the parking structure.

All in all, it was a great trip. A little more crowded than we're used to at that time, but I also have to remember that it was a Friday. The weather wasn't bad, either.

Big Sis and I have our Annual Passes already, and Little Sis will get hers in February. She and I will have a "Mommy and Me" trip to Disneyland all by ourselves to celebrate her first ever AP. I can't wait to use them on a more regular basis, especially when our friends Gary and Kathy come down in March.

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