Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Tena at Punky Monkey's tagged me for this. I have to show you the 4th pic in my 4th folder. So, here it is:

I feel like I've cheated you. You've seen this pic before here. But this is a pic of the two ornaments my Sassy Mommy friend, Becky, sent me for our annual ornament exchange. The Strawberry Shortcake ornament there on the right I got at TRU at the end of the holiday season last year (07/08). Guess what? It smells like strawberries. The girls got a kick out of that.

So now I need to tag 4 people for this.

I tag:
Klucky at Horses Say Moo
threeundertwo at Lit and Laundry
Kelly at Baby Boogers (LOVE the name of her new blog!)
Danette at Everyday Adventures


  1. I'm scared to look - I keep so many awful pictures that I should just delete.

    LOVE your new layout! You know I love pink.

  2. Those are cute ornaments :). Mine is up:



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