Saturday, June 7, 2014

Headin' for the Royal Family Kids Camp!

Headin' for a lot of fun!

I can't believe it's here already. My 6th year as a counselor for Royal Family Kids. It seems like this year snuck up on me, but I am ready. I have everything packed and even cleaned out the car.

For those new to my blog, Royal Family Kids is a week-long camp for abused and neglected foster kids. The idea is that we create lasting, positive memories for hurting children. We strive to give them the time of their lives through traditional camp activities, but also through showing them that a loving God will never leave them nor forsake them; that even in their darkest times, He is there, and He will use it for good.

After 5 years, I'm still a nervous wreck. I always pray that God will use me in ways I never dreamed imaginable. To be a light in a tiny life. To be an encourager, a role model, and the funnest adult my campers will ever meet. And working in a Middle School, sometimes those things disappear.

My dear readers, I have a request for you. Starting now, and through June 13, will you pray for me? Pray for my cabin mates (Freida, Kirstie, Viviana, and Jessi). Pray for the 5 campers we'll be sharing our week with. Pray for the other 37+ campers who will be on campus with us. Pray for the rest of the counselors and staff. Pray for the director, who has had a really rough year. Pray for the campgrounds. Pray for the families of the campers - both biological and foster. Our biggest need this week is prayer.

I won't be able to share pictures of our time at camp, since, for the safety and security of our campers we can't have our phones or cameras. But I will share the pictures I have of our flag, since the campers' names are not on it yet.

Room decorations!

Gifts for our campers. We have ages 8-10.


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