Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Planner is Finished!

Front Cover - such a pretty red with a pebbled texture

Inside front cover. Dots and stars for marking dates. (Stars are for a specific purpose only.)

June Calendar. Washi tape marks special events. In June, it was Royal Family. Different colors mark school holidays and minimum days, too. (See the stars?)

A glimpse of October. Elementary students have minimum days for parent/teacher conferences. My last year of elementary school!!

A glimpse of December. Winter Break marked with different color, and Middle and High Schools have the Friday before Winter Break off.

Weekly calendar. What a week might look like if events need more information.

Other weeks are blank. If I need to add in something specific, I can. If not, I have a place to write highlights of the day, or put memorabilia in (like a Smash Book) or even journal or draw if I'm feeling artsy.

Second section is also blank paper for lists, journals, notes, etc.

Pockets. I added washi tape to the pocket to brighten it up a bit. 

I haven't decided what to use this pocket for. Maybe just miscellaneous stuff.

This is a Target find. It sticks to the inside of the notebook/binder and gives you Post-Its and flags. So awesome. I may pick up some more for when I go back to work!

I am loving that my planner is fully customizable. I can add my own papers in as needed, and there are three more dividers I can use to mark other sections I may need as the kids go back to school and I go back to work.


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