Sunday, August 23, 2015

Passion Planner - Week Three

Another week gone. Second week of work and first week of college done. I cannot express how much my Passion Planner is helping me stay on track with what I have to do and keep track of what I have done. 

Here is my planner at the beginning of the week. I had received an email telling me that my attendance was required at a training Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. With a little clarification on my job title, it was determined that I didn't have to be there. I also dropped my Wednesday night class and moved my Tuesday/Thursday class from 4pm to 6pm. That kind of made me a little uncomfortable, since I had highlighted the entire semester through December.

What was I going to do??

To start with, I covered Wednesday night with the cutest sticker I could find. Pandas are my favorite.

Then, I had to fix Thursday. Not sure how this is going to work, but this week, I did some extra studying, so covering it with green helped. I did the same thing for next week, too. In a few of the following weeks, I just used correction tape. It doesn't look pretty, but I'm sure I'll come up with some other way to make it look less like the train wreck I think it is (it really isn't, but if you know me at all, you know I am kind of a perfectionist).

A note on my study time. I plan it only by time. When I'm done studying, I write in what I did. This will help me keep track of my time and keep my accountable. If I didn't finish an assignment, then I can go back and check what I did instead. If you see on my to-do list on the bottom left page, I have written down what is do in the first part of next week (for my Monday and Tuesday classes). On next week's to-do list, I start with what is due Thursday, then add in Monday and Tuesday for the following week. I had to have it all written down ahead of time, because about mid-semester, I'll forget to look at a syllabus and forget that I had anything due. 

Now, for my pretty girl. She started high school on Wednesday at her dad's house. She called that night and told me how great it was. She ended up in an AVID class and is the only 9th grader who has been in it for three years. I guess they don't offer it in middle school up there.

She seems to be having a good time. I can't believe she's already in high school. Wasn't she just starting kindergarten?

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