Saturday, August 17, 2013

Developing My Own Recipes

I am not creative. I can't draw or paint, and my imagination just isn't great. This can be a drawback when working with kids, but they don't seem to care that my horses look like dogs or that I draw the same landscape with a hill and a tree.

However, I'm working on developing my own recipe based on what my kids like. I'm tired of the same boxed, processed stuff every week. When I try new things on Pinterest, I'm batting .500 on whether they like it or not.

With that being said, here's my idea.

I posted previously about a vegetarian chili I made for a Chili Cook-off. I also have a recipe for Chicken Taco Chili, made in a crock pot. But we were supposed to have tacos on Tuesday and it didn't happen. I had pulled the ground turkey out of the freezer, and I know I can't put it back, and I also know it'll go bad before we actually have tacos.

I cooked the meat today, seasoning it with all my taco flavors. I decided that we're going to have "Traveling Tacos" (also known as Frito Pie). At school, the kids get a small container of Fritos or a bag of Tostitos (depending if it's at the Elementary or Middle School) and a scoop of chili. I have to admit, it's kind of gross looking. I had real Frito Pie once in Texas. It was so good, but a can of chili just isn't good enough.


I'm going to develop my own Frito Pie chili recipe. I have cans of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, different kinds of beans, and so much more. I will just throw things in the crock pot (probably with minimal chunks of tomatoes) and let you know how it goes. It's on the menu for Tuesday night. Come back to read how the kiddos liked it.

Do you have a good recipe I can work from? Suggestions on kinds of beans? Ways to hide veggies? I'll be working with a 2 Quart Crock Pot, since it's just the kids and me.


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