Saturday, January 2, 2010

Princess Lessons (Meg Cabot)

Last night, I finished "Princess Lessons" by Meg Cabot. This is one of her Princess Diaries books, but it's not part of the series, per se.

Technically, it's written by Princess Mia, her grandmother, her bodyguard, and her friends. It basically teaches a young lady about how to act like a Princess, even if she wasn't born one.

This would be a perfect gift for a pre-teen. It gives fun, age-appropriate, real-life advice about how to treat people, how to act, and even a few tips on how to dress from Princess Mia's hair stylist and fashion designer. Princess Mia gives her opinion on everything, telling the reader that she should just be herself, too.

As a special feature for this blog, I am going to list the Accelerated Reader (AR) reading level and points for each book that has one. My daughter's school uses this program, and since I'm reading Young Adult books as one of my 2010 Challenges, I thought I'd add this onto my reviews.

So, Princess Lessons by Meg Cabot has an AR level of 6.8 (upper 6th grade reading level), with 2.0 points available.

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