Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's all over the news here in Southern California! I live in the little circle towards the bottom right. The EQ registered at 5.8 at 11:42am. The original shaking was pretty strong, and it kept going for a few seconds, close to 20, since I was able to call Honey while it was still going!
So far, according to KTLA, no injuries have been reported, and no big damage. We didn't even lose any pictures or anything off the walls (I contribute that to good hanging). My grandparents, who live a little farther north, closer to the Epicenter, felt it, and my grandfather felt it while he was driving.
Here's the link to the information on the EQ: http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/Quakes/ci14383980.html If you felt it, fill out the "Did You Feel It" questionnaire.
Now I'm thinking about Earthquake Preparedness...and I am in no way prepared! Time to start working on that. I think I'll make it a project for my Girl Scouts when we start up!


  1. I used to have the USGS widget on my sidebar! Scary stuff! Glad all is well, that's a biggie.

  2. And that's why I could never live in California, as much as I would love to...


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