Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures from Today

Big Sis tonight. I started taking pics of the clouds and pending weather, and then her sister. So, of course, I have to take pics of her, too!

Little Sis tonight at dinner. She still has her bathing suit on from when we went swimming today. She needs a hair cut.

The lemon tree in our front yard. It was very bad when we first moved in. Honey trimmed it and has been watering it every night, and now it's lush and green. We even have some lemons on it now, but they're also green, and we don't know how great they'll be. But it's progress!

The storm rolling in. We have been under "Severe Thunderstorm Watch" for a couple of days. We had some rain this morning, before Honey woke up. I'm looking at the radar on and there's a patch of rain coming towards us. I just hope it does something!


  1. Your girls are just gorgeous, can't get over how big they have gotten, where as the time gone

  2. Just dropping in to check out the new blog!

    How and where did you get the great layout? I def. need to update mine! Tell me all your secrets! =)

  3. Cute pics! I tagged ya, check out my blog!


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