Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day Weekend!

We had Honey's daughter, E, this weekend, which is always fun! My girls were all over her, and the poor baby didn't know what to do about it! Of course, Little Sis had some problems sharing her toys and being asked to be the "big sister" and letting E use the toys. Little Sis is used to being, well, the little sister, so it's going to take some getting used to!
Here are some pics from the weekend:
Here are Big Sis and E dancing to the new CD I burned for them over the weekend. Honey gave them a CD Boom Box for their room, since Grandma gave the girls a bunch of cassette tapes (remember those??)

Here are the girls watching "Monsters, Inc." E asked to watch it, and then fell asleep. But, it was perfect. Dinner was ready by the time the movie was over, and E woke up right as the girls were finishing their dinner, so she was able to take her time and eat.

Here's E sleeping. She's so adorable!

Here's Little Sis watching the movie with all her babies.

Here's Big Sis being bored with the movie. She's been asking to watch "High School Musical," but the DVD is missing from the case. I have it on my list to replace it next time I get a chance. "Cars" is missing, too. :(

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  1. you are surrounded by some beautiful little girls! How old is E?
    I tagged you for a meme, check it out


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