Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday .. take 2

Ok, so LVBelle, my Disney and Blogging Buddy, at Monkey Memories posted her own Friday Flashback in response to mine from earlier. She posted a pic of her as a kid at Disneyland, then showed how her pic was in a Happiest Faces on Earth montage at Disneyland!
Well, I have one to share, too, and I just can't wait until NEXT Friday. So, here it is. Alex and I went to California Adventure on March 17, 2004. We had a 2nd day on our Two-fer (this was before we were APers) and I took her. It was a blast! She was just getting the hang of potty training, so I didn't need much more than a little backpack for her with a Pull-Up and a change of shorts. She did great that day!

Here she is on King Triton's Carousel!

When Disneyland put out the word to send in your happiest memories from Disneyland, that is one of the ones I sent in. I sent in a few, mostly of Alex. She was in several montages, but they were all up high, or she was cut off because she was in the bottom or side of the montage. BUT, she was clear as day in the Cinderella one in Fantasyland, near it's a small world. She thought it was awesome that she had her picture at Disneyland, and that she was on Cinderella!

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