Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Scouts and more!

First, a little rant. I've been working on making 25-minute Workout Playlists on iTunes. I had one big playlist of all the workout-appropriate songs, and I was dividing them up into smaller playlists. As I was going along, I was deleting the songs I've already used from the master playlist so I wouldn't reuse them. As I would delete, iTunes so politely asked me if I really really wanted to delete the song from the playlist. However, when I accidently highlighted the PLAYLIST and not just a song, and hit delete, do you think that iTunes asked if I wanted to really really do that? NO! So, now I have to start all over.

Second, I got an email from the lady I'm working with at Girl Scouts saying my background check cleared! YAY! I'm stoked! Now, I just have to do New Leader Orientation. She said I could wait until I found my co-leader, or I could do it now, and the Co-Leader do it later. I'm going to wait until I find my co-leader. I did ask if I could start putting up fliers around town now, or if I have to wait until school starts on August 19. If I could find one now, then once school starts, we can jump right into recruiting girls. Big Sis is really looking forward to Brownies!

Third, I think my car will actually be fixed this week! I called grandma and asked to borrow the truck, because Honey's working on his truck, and if we don't have his truck, we can't do anything or go anywhere. So, she's picking up the girls today, instead of Wednesday, and bringing the alternator. She'll bring the girls back on Saturday.

Last, Honey's daughter, E's birthday is on Saturday. Her mom had a baby last week, so she and her new hubby are going out of town. On E's birthday. This is Honey's weekend, so we get to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her! I'm excited. I'll bake a cake, and the girls will be back, so we'll have a nice little party for her!

All of this all happened since my last blog just a couple of hours ago! Off to pack the girls' suitcases!


  1. DON'T PANIC! I'm pretty sure that your playlist is in your recycle bin! Just look it over and see if you can reinstate or whatever the word they use is. I do that all the time.

  2. Oh I looooooved being a Brownie when I was little! How fun!


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